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Roberto Clemente

From Wikipedia, the free ency­clo­pe­dia Rober­to Clemente Walk­er (August 18, 1934 – Decem­ber 31, 1972) was a Puer­to Rican pro­fes­sion­al base­ball play­er. He was a Major League Base­ball right field­er who played 18...

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Joseph Michael Acaba

From Wikipedia, the free ency­clo­pe­dia Joseph Michael “Joe” Aca­ba (born May 17, 1967) is an edu­ca­tor, hydro­ge­ol­o­gist, and NASA astro­naut. In May 2004 he became the first per­son of Puer­to Rican her­itage to be named...

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First Boricuas

Rober­to Clemente: First Boricua vot­ed into the Base­ball Hall of Fame. Joseph Michael Aca­ba First Boricua astro­naut to fly into space on shut­tle flight to Inter­na­tion­al Space Sta­tion. Jose Fer­rer First Boricua to win...

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