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Tainos (Arawak)

Pre-Columbus Puer­to Rico is one of 7,000 islands in the clus­ter of islands known as The West Indies. Arche­ol­o­gists and geol­o­gists have been unable to deter­mine exact­ly when Puer­to Rico became inhab­it­ed. They deter­mined that cen­ter­ies ago, peo­ple referred to as “Archaics”, came to the Caribbean from North Amer­i­ca, main­ly Flori­da. The next peo­ple to inhab­it Puer­to Rico were The Igner­is, from a region of Venezuela. The Igner­is were fol­lowed by anoth­er group from the Arawak Cul­ture, The Tain­os. His­to­ry shows that the Tain­os were a more advanced group then the pre­vi­ous groups. They gave their new home a...

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First Boricuas

Rober­to Clemente: First Boricua vot­ed into the Base­ball Hall of Fame. Joseph Michael Aca­ba First Boricua astro­naut to fly into space on shut­tle flight to Inter­na­tion­al Space Sta­tion. Jose Fer­rer First Boricua to win both an “Oscar” and a “Tony” award Jose (Chequi) Tor­res First Boricua to win the Light heavy­weight cham­pi­onship Title . Sonia Sotomay­or: First Boricua Nom­i­nat­ed to serve as Supreme Court...

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