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Tainos (Arawak)

Pre-Columbus Puerto Rico is one of 7,000 islands in the cluster of islands known as The West Indies. Archeologists and geologists have been unable to determine exactly when Puerto Rico became inhabited. They determined that centeries ago, people referred to as “Archaics”, came to the Caribbean from North America, mainly Florida. The next people to inhabit Puerto Rico were The Igneris, from a region of Venezuela. The Igneris were followed by another group from the Arawak Culture, The Tainos. History shows that the Tainos were a more advanced group then the previous groups. They gave their new home a...

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First Boricuas

Roberto Clemente: First Boricua voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Joseph Michael Acaba First Boricua astronaut to fly into space on shuttle flight to International Space Station. Jose Ferrer First Boricua to win both an “Oscar” and a “Tony” award Jose (Chequi) Torres First Boricua to win the Light heavyweight championship Title . Sonia Sotomayor: First Boricua Nominated to serve as Supreme Court...

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