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What Is Salsa Music?

Every­body con­sid­ers that music is the uni­ver­sal lan­guage. For one, each coun­try has its own dis­tinct taste for music. Their music is so diverse that each has its own unique style and char­ac­ter­is­tics that clear­ly sep­a­rate them from oth­er gen­res. What makes music inter­est­ing to lis­ten to is the fact that each genre rep­re­sents an extrav­a­gant and rich cul­ture from where they were root­ed. Marc Antho­ny and Glo­ria Este­fan: what do these singers have in com­mon? Sal­sa. Yes, both artists are known to their sig­na­ture music which is sal­sa. Every­body knows sal­sa, yet not most of these peo­ple know the his­to­ry behind sal­sa music. It has been said the most peo­ple con­sid­er sal­sa as “extrav­a­gant, clave-dri­ven, Afro-Cuban derived songs anchored by piano, horns, and rhythm sec­tion sung by a vel­vety voiced croon­er in shark­skin suit.:” No won­der many are dri­ven crazy once sal­sa is played in par­ties and social events. The music adds life and gives no one dull moments. How did sal­sa devel­op into some­thing grand? This style came from the influ­ence of Cuban son, which is a blend of African and Euro­pean music influ­ence. In Span­ish, the word itself, sal­sa, refers to sauce, a liq­uid sub­stance that adds extra fla­vor to the food. Just like the idea of sauce, sal­sa music puts more live and more spice in things mak­ing one move their body to the music....

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Basic Salsa Dance Steps

Mas­ter­ing the basic step will be the first key step to devel­op­ing prop­er tech­nique and tim­ing in sal­sa. Your spins and part­ner-work tech­niques will be exe­cut­ed in sync with the rhythm of the music once you have mas­tered your basic. Think of the basic step as the drum­mer in a band. It keeps you and your part­ner on time. I encour­age you to prac­tice these steps at home but it goes with out say­ing that online instruc­tion is no sub­sti­tute for real time stu­dio instruc­tion. There are many fin­er ele­ments of the basic step such as the Cuban hip...

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Bongos And Congas — Drums With A Difference

  If you are inter­est­ed in beats, then you are sure to be inter­est­ed in oth­er instru­ments besides the usu­al drums that can give you the right beats. Well then let us dis­cuss bon­gos and con­gas from the fam­i­ly of drums. Bon­go is a small ver­sion of drums. Actu­al­ly it is a com­pi­la­tion of two open-end­ed drums. These two drums are joined with each oth­er. Drum heads are nor­mal­ly made of ani­mal skins, but plas­tic made drum heads are also avail­able. The body is made of met­al, wood and some­times with ceram­ic also. Both the bon­gos are of dif­fer­ent...

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10 Reasons To Dance Salsa

  By now, the Sal­sa craze seems to have hit every city, with clubs and dance stu­dios pop­ping every­where. Pop­u­lar tele­vi­sion shows such as So You Think You Can Dance and Danc­ing With the Stars have sparked inter­est in an entire­ly new audi­ence that, oth­er­wise, would nev­er have tak­en any kind of part­ner dance class. It just proves that we all have a dancer with­in wait­ing to come out. “What if I have absolute­ly zero dance expe­ri­ence?” you may be ask­ing. Then Sal­sa is per­fect for you. Peo­ple of all ages and back­grounds, male and female, are tak­ing class­es to learn to dance Sal­sa. And mas­ter­ing Sal­sa dance steps is not as dif­fi­cult as you may think. The impor­tant thing to remem­ber when danc­ing Sal­sa is that it’s not just steps, it is a feel­ing. The word “Sal­sa,” the Span­ish word for sauce, was orig­i­nal­ly used to con­vey the hot and spicy “feel­ings” behind the move­ments. Nowa­days, the word “Sal­sa” is rec­og­nized and wide­ly accept­ed as the actu­al form of dance. Peo­ple learn to dance for many dif­fer­ent rea­sons. Some take dance class­es with seri­ous inten­tions of mas­ter­ing the art form. Oth­ers take dance class­es to stay in shape and main­tain a healthy lifestyle. Still oth­ers may join a class for fun or as a way to con­nect with oth­ers. What­ev­er your rea­son for learn­ing to dance, you will...

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Wedding Traditions of Puerto Rico

  A wed­ding is a joy­ous cel­e­bra­tion and that is no dif­fer­ent in Puer­to Rico. There are a few tra­di­tions that are asso­ci­at­ed with a con­ven­tion­al Puer­to Rican mar­riage. One of these tra­di­tions is the offer­ing of the bride and groom a bev­er­age called café con leche and is served in coconut cups. The Bride’s Bou­quet Bridal bou­quets in Puer­to Rico are abun­dant with the amap­o­la, which is a tra­di­tion­al flower often used at a Puer­to Rican wed­ding. The bou­quet may also con­tain a fan as it is a part of tra­di­tion­al wed­ding attire in Puer­to Rico. The maids...

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