Can­di­date designs for the 2012 Amer­i­ca the Beau­ti­ful Quar­ters are now avail­able. Although release of the coin is still more than a year away, the design process involves dif­fer­ent lev­els of review, which begin years before the actu­al cir­cu­la­tion release dates. For the third year of release, the series will present El Yunque Nation­al For­est in Puer­to Rico, Cha­co Cul­ture Nation­al His­tor­i­cal Park in New Mex­i­co, Aca­dia Nation­al Park in Maine, Hawaii Vol­ca­noes Nation­al Park in Hawaii, and Denali Nation­al Park in Alaska.

For each of the releas­es, there were either four or five design can­di­dates pre­pared for review by the Com­mis­sion of Fine Arts and the Cit­i­zens Coinage Advi­so­ry Com­mit­tee. The feed­back and design rec­om­men­da­tions pro­vid­ed will be con­sid­ered by the Unit­ed States Trea­sury Sec­re­tary, who has the final author­i­ty for coinage designs.

Images of design can­di­dates for the 2012 Amer­i­ca the Beau­ti­ful Quar­ters are shown below.


2012 El Yunque Nation­al For­est Quarter

Two of the design can­di­dates fea­ture depic­tions of a water­fall, while the oth­ers focus on the ani­mal life with­in the for­est. Since El Yunque Nation­al For­est is the home to many endan­gered species, the CCAC and CFA both favored the ani­mal life designs in their reviews. Both endorsed a depic­tion of the endan­gered coqui frog and threat­ened Puer­to Rican Parrot.