250px-Arecibo_LighthouseA hexag­o­nal cylin­dri­cal stone tow­er attached to 1‑story stone office and keep­er’s house; 190 mm lens. Tow­er paint­ed white. The orig­i­nal lantern, removed many years ago, has been replaced by a restored lantern with an unpaint­ed cop­per roof.  This is the last light­house built by the Span­ish in Puer­to Rico; Amer­i­can forces placed it in ser­vice sev­er­al months after con­quer­ing the island. The city replaced the lantern and restored the light­house in 2001-02 and has opened the build­ing as a his­tor­i­cal muse­um. Locat­ed north­east of Areci­bo, on the east side of the har­bor entrance.