12 cups long grain white rice
5 cups water
3 table­spoons olive oil
4 table­spoons sofrito
2 table­spoons span­ish olives
1 can green or dry pigeon peans, drained
1 enve­lope sazon with annato
12 tea­spoon ground oregano
2 bay leaves
12 tea­spoon toma­to paste
salt and black pep­per to taste

Start by heat­ing in a pot at high heat, the oil then add the water, then the peas, the olives, the toma­to paste, and all the spices, includ­ing the enve­lope of sazon.

At that point, add salt and pep­per to taste. Bring this up to a boil then stir in rice.

Once it has began to boil again, low­er heat and stir 1 more time, then cover.

Let this cook for about 30 — 40 min­utes on a low heat set­ting, stir­ring occa­sion­al­ly (every 10 min­utes) until the rice is tender.