Bis­tec Ence­bol­la­do, or steak and onions, is a spiced, fla­vor­ful skil­let steak pre­pared with a clas­sic Adobo-gar­lic rub. Bis­tec Ence­bol­la­do takes its deli­cious fla­vor from our home­made mari­nade, made quick­ly and eas­i­ly using GOYA® condi­ments you already love.

This steak and onion recipe is sure to delight your fam­i­ly with its sim­ple, but deep, fla­vor and sat­is­fy­ing com­bi­na­tion of textures.

Serves 6

Prep time:

Total time:


 ¼ cup GOYA® Dis­tilled White Vine­gar, or GOYA Lemon Juice


1 tsp. GOYA Adobo with Pepper


1 tsp. GOYA Minced Gar­lic


2 tbsp. GOYA Corn Oil


6 4–6‑oz. cube steaks, pound­ed to ¼” thickness


3 large yel­low onions, sliced into ¼” rounds


1. In a large bowl, mix togeth­er vine­gar, adobo, pep­per and oregano. Add steak and onions to oil mix­ture, toss­ing to com­bine. Cov­er beef; trans­fer to refrig­er­a­tor. Mar­i­nate at least 1 hr., or up to 12 hrs.
2. Heat oil in large skil­let over medi­um-high heat. Add beef, onions, and mari­nade to the pan; cov­er the pan and cook, stir­ring occa­sion­al­ly, until onions turn translu­cent and beef is cooked through, about 10 minutes.
3. Even­ly divide meat among serv­ing dish­es; top with onions and driz­zle with sauce.