If you are inter­est­ed in beats, then you are sure to be inter­est­ed in oth­er instru­ments besides the usu­al drums that can give you the right beats. Well then let us dis­cuss bon­gos and con­gas from the fam­i­ly of drums.

Bon­go is a small ver­sion of drums. Actu­al­ly it is a com­pi­la­tion of two open-end­ed drums. These two drums are joined with each oth­er. Drum heads are nor­mal­ly made of ani­mal skins, but plas­tic made drum heads are also avail­able. The body is made of met­al, wood and some­times with ceram­ic also. Both the bon­gos are of dif­fer­ent size. And for that rea­son each of them sounds dif­fer­ent. You have to coör­di­nate between both of them, to play it well.

A pair of sim­ple bon­gos does not have those stretch­able drum heads that can be tuned to play dif­fer­ent notes from dif­fer­ent parts. But the bet­ter qual­i­ty bon­gos have this option. Their heads are adjustable. These heads are fixed firm­ly with met­al made bars.

The way of play­ing bon­gos is very inter­est­ing. You have to use your fin­ger strips, heel of your hand and thumbs. You need to strike the heads with the help of these hand parts. Strik­ing dif­fer­ent place of the head will pro­duce dif­fer­ent sound. Spe­cial drum oil is nec­es­sary to pro­tect the head of the bon­go. Oth­er­wise your hand and the air will absorb all the mois­ture of the bon­go skin. This will make the bon­go skin dry. It can also pave way for cracks.

The best thing about bon­go is that it is small, and not very much expen­sive. And if you know how to play it and if you have some friends who can play bon­go, then you can form a band. If all of you play togeth­er some small groove then it will sound amazing.

Con­ga is almost like bon­go. But it mea­sures quite high in com­par­i­son to oth­er drums. It is slim build and sin­gle head­ed. It is a Cuban drum but prob­a­bly it is derived from Africa.

The shells of most of the con­gas are made of wood or fiber­glass. The play­ing sys­tem of con­ga is almost like bon­go. They are nor­mal­ly 75cm tall.

Con­gas are used in both pop­u­lar and folk music. African music has a var­ied use of con­gas. This instru­ment is also very pop­u­lar in Rum­ba, Afro Caribbean, Latin and sal­sa music.

Bon­gos and con­gas are almost sim­i­lar kind of instru­ment. But for­mer are small­er than lat­ter. There sound is not total­ly sim­i­lar but they are not that much dif­fer­ent also.

Both are rhythm instru­ments. Their play­ing style is almost same. Both of them are very pop­u­lar. They can be used in almost every kind of music.

But there are some dif­fer­ence between bon­gos and con­gas. Bon­gos are easy to car­ry. But con­gas are not. Both of them have a dif­fer­ent look also. Con­go just looks a big­ger ver­sion of bon­go usu­al­ly. But if you watch close­ly and minute­ly, then you can trace the dif­fer­ence. But what­ev­er is the dif­fer­ence is, it can be said that both bon­gos and con­gas are bril­liant instru­ments. And both of them can change the way a par­tic­u­lar song sounds.


Source by Vic­tor Epand