Car­los Edwin Colón, Sr., born Car­los Edwin Colón Gon­za­lez on July 18, 1948 in San­ta Isabel, Puer­to Rico, is a retired pro­fes­sion­al wrestler, bet­ter known in the Puer­to Rican pro­fes­sion­al wrestling as Car­los Colón or Car­l­i­tos Colón. He is the father of wrestlers Car­ly Colón and Eddie Colón, both cur­rent­ly known pro­fes­sion­al­ly as Car­l­i­to and Pri­mo Colon


Carloscolon_1_full 5′10″
246 lbs.
San­ta Isabel, Puer­to Rico
Fig­ure-Four Leglock
26-time WWC Uni­ver­sal Heavy­weight Cham­pi­on; WWC North Amer­i­can Heavy­weight Cham­pi­on; WWC Puer­to Rico Heavy­weight Cham­pi­on; NWA Cham­pi­on; 2014 WWE Hall of Fame Inductee