If you like jel­lo recipes, you will love this Puer­to Rican coconut cus­tard recipe. The word “tem­bleque” means jig­gling, which is some­thing that all the best jel­lo recipes do!

This coconut milk based pud­ding is asso­ci­at­ed with Puer­to Rico and it is believed to have orig­i­nat­ed there. This dessert is also pop­u­lar in oth­er Latin Amer­i­can areas and, because coconut milk is so wide­ly used in South­east Asian cui­sine, sim­i­lar dish­es are also served there.

Handy Tem­bleque Mak­ing Tips

It is impor­tant to let the mix­ture cool down before you put it in the refrig­er­a­tor. If you do not do this, a skin might devel­op over the top. Anoth­er way to stop the skin form­ing is to cov­er the dessert with a piece of plas­tic wrap before refrig­er­at­ing it. Apply the plas­tic wrap to the sur­face of the dessert to stop it from being in con­tact with the air.

Although you can serve the dessert after being refrig­er­at­ed for a cou­ple of hours, it has a bet­ter con­sis­ten­cy if you refrig­er­ate it overnight or for twelve hours. It will keep for up to a few days actu­al­ly. You might have to use a knife to sep­a­rate the tem­bleque from the mold before serv­ing, so do this care­ful­ly, else it might break.

As soon as the mix­ture has thick­ened enough on the stove, take it off the heat, else it will end up with a bread pud­ding con­sis­ten­cy rather than a jel­lo and it will not jig­gle like it is sup­posed to. It is tra­di­tion­al to unmold the pud­ding to serve it, so you can see it jig­gle. Tall ones almost look like they are danc­ing on the plate. This is not oblig­a­tory though and you can eat the tem­bleque out of the cup or mold if you prefer.

You can top your tem­bleque recipes with any gar­nish­es or top­pings you fan­cy, per­haps some kind of ice cream syrup, chopped fresh fruit or even a lay­er of fruity jel­lo if you enjoy mak­ing jel­lo recipes. Why not try adding pineap­ple or man­go for an exot­ic fla­vor or whipped cream and fresh berries?

What You Need:

  • 2 cups coconut milk
  • 34 cup sugar
  • 1 tea­spoon vanil­la extract
  • 12 tea­spoon salt
  • 12 cup cornstarch
  • Ground cin­na­mon

How To Make It:

Heat most of the coconut milk with the salt and sug­ar in a pan over a mod­er­ate heat. Use the remain­der of the coconut milk to dilute the corn­starch and then add it to the pan. Keep stir­ring the mix­ture until it reach­es a boil, and then let it sim­mer until it is thick.

Pour it into serv­ing cups or into a jel­lo mold. Let it cool to room tem­per­a­ture and then leave it in the refrig­er­a­tor to cool for two or three hours. Sprin­kle cin­na­mon over the top and serve. This is a very rich tast­ing and fill­ing dessert recipe so you do not need to serve huge por­tions of it.


Source by KC Kudra