While the Earth­quakes in Puer­to Rico are 1230 miles from Tam­pa, Flori­da, res­i­dents in the Sun­shine State are talk­ing. Two mod­er­ate tremors struck areas all around San Juan and coastal waters. There are no reports of tsunamis, severe dam­age, or casu­al­ties.   “Every­thing is OK. Some peo­ple went out of their rooms, but every­thing is back to nor­mal.” ~Mar­riott hotel employ­ee on the two quakes.   Accord­ing to a news report from the Eco­nom­ic Times, the first quake of 5.3 mag­ni­tude was record­ed at about 2 a.m. AST in the Mona Pas­sage. A short time lat­er, a weak­er tremor struck the coastal waters and areas around San Juan, accord­ing to the U.S. Geo­log­i­cal Survey.

Ear­li­er reports hint­ed at a tsuna­mi from the earth­quakes in Puer­to Rico. How­ev­er, there was nev­er an alert issued. Fur­ther­more, there are no reports of siz­able dam­age, injuries, or deaths at this time.


Puer­to Rico Res­i­dents about Earth­quakes Impact


Aguadil­la: I was read­ing on the couch, and the couch and my entire house had light to maybe mod­er­ate shaking


Mayaguez: about the earth­quakes: I was fright­en for the first time in my life by an earth­quake. The first episode woke me up, the sec­ond I could like feel the waves, and hear my neigh­bors scream and shout out their fears. But luck­i­ly it was noth­ing to com­pare with Haiti’s and oth­er earthquakes.

Car­oli­na on the earth­quake news: Two were felt, the stronger of the two at 2 and the sec­ond about 2:05 am