250px-Faro_Punta_Figuras_Arecibo_Puerto_Rico Light­house paint­ed cream with white trim.  The orig­i­nal lantern and lens were destroyed by van­dals in 1969. By ear­ly 2001, the light­house was in very poor shape, with no roof and only scraps of its lantern; this earned it a spot on the Light­house Digest Dooms­day List. How­ev­er, the Com­pañía de Par­ques Nacionales beau­ti­ful­ly restored the light­house in 2002-03. The restora­tion cost $2.3 mil­lion and is part of a larg­er project cre­at­ing a pub­lic recre­ation facil­i­ty in the area.   Satel­lite view shows the swim­ming pool and oth­er facil­i­ties locat­ed adja­cent to the light sta­tion.  On the beach near­by is the met­al ruin of a for­mer range light, also long aban­doned.  Locat­ed south­east of Arroyo on the south­east­ern coast of the island.

The Arroyo or Point Fig­uras light­house entered ser­vice on March 16, 1893. It was built as a link between the Caja de Muer­tos and Maun­abo light­hous­es, and as a guide for the Arroyo and Patil­las ports. Lit­tle is known about its con­struc­tion but it evi­dent­ly served as mod­el for the Vieques light­hous­es, which are sim­i­lar and share the pecu­liar pat­tern of alter­nat­ing cir­cles and rec­tan­gles at the base of the cor­nice. The Arroyo light­house, how­ev­er, did not have the same dis­tri­b­u­tion of spaces, the tow­er was taller, and the build­ing orig­i­nal­ly had no rear door. The light­house mea­sures 59 feet long by 26 feet wide.

It was orig­i­nal­ly paint­ed light gray with white details and black base­board. The fifth-order lens pro­ject­ed its light twelve miles away. The octag­o­nal tow­er is 44 feet tall and is locat­ed at the cen­ter of the build­ing. In 1938 an auto­mat­ic light was installed near the beach and the light­house was board­ed and closed. The build­ing reopened dur­ing World War II as an obser­va­tion post and was closed again after the war. The army leased its sur­round­ings until 1963, after that date the struc­ture was van­dal­ized repeat­ed­ly and dete­ri­o­rat­ed to the point that only the walls, the tow­er, and a small seg­ment of the roof remained. The lantern and the lens were appar­ent­ly destroyed by van­dals in 1969. The Nation­al Parks Com­pa­ny restored the light­house in 2003 and incor­po­rat­ed it to the adja­cent Point Guilarte Nation­al Park. The lantern and the tower’s stair­way are the only ele­ments that did not fol­low the structure’s orig­i­nal design.