But it will be Brazil in the fifth Fast & Furious.

By Jar­rod Sarafin     May 27, 2010 | Source: Com­ing­Soon

It seems the fifth install­ment of the Fast & Furi­ous fran­chise will be tak­ing place out­side the U.S. Com­ing­Soon is report­ing they’ve been alert­ed via some Puer­to Rico sources that Fast Five will be shot pri­mar­i­ly in that com­mon­wealth from July to August.


Before the Rican Mani­acs show a bit of pride though, it should be not­ed that they won’t be rep­re­sent­ed in the film itself. The web­site reports the streets and neigh­bor­hoods are being served to look like Brazil, which is where the film’s sto­ry will take place.

The fifth adven­ture will star Vin Diesel, Paul Walk­er, Dwayne John­son, TJ Has­san, Tego Calderon and Don Omar. “Fast” direc­tor Justin Lin is com­ing back to helm, based on a sto­ry by Chris Morgan.

Plot Con­cept: In the film, Dom (Diesel) and Bri­an (Walk­er) are fugi­tives being pur­sued by relent­less law­men. John­son will like­ly be one of those law­men after them.

Fast Five will hit the­aters June 10, 2011.