The main dish is usually roast pork served along with arroz (rice) con gandules (pigeon peas), plátanos (fried green bananas), and pastels. Pasteles are made using green bananas as the dough which is then filled with meat either (beef) or (pork) and is wrapped in banana tree leaves. A roast pig on a spit, called “lechón asao,” is a traditional all day long event. Holiday desserts include “arroz con dulce” (rice cooked with spices, sugar, milk, and coconut milk) and “tembleque” (a custard made with cornstarch, sugar, and coconut milk). They are eaten cold, when its consistency becomes solid.   Flan is a rich custard dessert  with a layer of soft caramel  on top.  Coquito is the traditional holiday beverage and is made using coconut milk and rum.