Store bought sal­sa can nev­er com­pete with the taste of home­made sal­sa, and because sal­sa is so easy to make you can always make a whole lot and store it for lat­er use (or give it to fam­i­ly and friends as gifts).

For the sake of this arti­cle to we are going to make enough sal­sa for 8 pints.

You Will Need:

* Toma­toes (the amount will depend on how much sal­sa you want to make but 15 pounds will make 8 pints of salsa)

* 500ml Vine­gar or lemon juice (you will use vine­gar if you are using sal­sa sea­son­ing mix and lemon juice if you are mak­ing your own seasoning)

* Ball sal­sa mix or your own seasoning

* A big pot to ster­il­ize the jars in

* Can­ning jars (pint size jars work best for salsa)

* Met­al lids with gum binder

* Met­al bands or rings to secure the lids

* 2 or 3 large spoons

* A pot for the tomatoes

Step 1

You will need to remove the toma­to skins first. A quick and easy way of doing this is to put your toma­toes in a pot and cov­er them with boil­ing water for about 1 minute. The skins will slide right off!

Step 2

Cut your peeled toma­toes in half and remove the excess water and seeds by squeez­ing each halve and scoop­ing out the seeds with your finger.

Step 3

Put the toma­toes in a drain­er after you have tak­en out the seeds allow­ing them to drain a bit more. Chop the halves into pieces. The pieces should not be too big but you can cut them to the size you pre­fer your sal­sa pieces to be.

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Step 4

Before boil­ing your sal­sa you will need to pre­pare the glass jars by wash­ing and rins­ing them thoroughly.

Step 5

When it comes to the ques­tion of using a sea­son­ing mix or your own sea­son­ing it all boils down to per­son­al choice. The sal­sa mix­es work just as well as mak­ing your own sea­son­ing. For this recipe we are going to rely on our Ball sal­sa mix to do the trick. Put the chopped toma­toes into a pot and add the sal­sa mix and vinegar.

Step 6

Bring all the ingre­di­ents to a gen­tle sim­mer. Reduce the heat and stir­ring the mix­ture occa­sion­al­ly, sim­mer for approx­i­mate­ly 30 min­utes. Tip: If you pre­fer sal­sa with a bit of a bite add 1 tea­spoon of chili pow­der or chili flakes to the salsa.

Step 7

Using your spoons fill the jars with the sal­sa to about 34 full. Put the lid on and tight­en the rings around them.

Step 8

Bring water to a boil in the big pot

Step 9

Put the filled and sealed jars in the pot and keep them cov­ered with water. The water should keep on boiling.

Step 10

After about 5 min­utes of boil­ing care­ful­ly lift the jars out of the water and allow them to cool overnight. This entire process will seal your jars and once cooled you will see that the lid has been sucked down. If you are able to pop it up and down it is not sealed.

Source by Bec­ki Andrus