Iris Chacón (born March 7, 1950 in Puer­to Rico) is a dancer, singer, and enter­tain­er. She enjoys great pop­u­lar­i­ty in Puer­to Rico (where she had a week­ly vari­ety show for more than a decade) and in oth­er Latin Amer­i­can coun­tries, as well as such U.S. locales as New York, Mia­mi, and Los Angeles.


Cha­con has been known by var­i­ous nick­names, such as “La Bom­ba de Puer­to Rico” (The Puer­to Rican Bomb­shell), and “La Vedette de Amer­i­ca” (Amer­i­ca’s Show­girl). Dur­ing her hey­day in the 1970s and ear­ly 1980s, she toured most of Latin Amer­i­ca, the USA, Europe and Japan. She also starred in two movies and many telen­ov­e­las, such as Yo Se Que Mentia.

Iris Chacón was born in San Juan, Puer­to Rico. At an ear­ly age she demon­strat­ed her incli­na­tion for the arts when she began stud­ies in bal­let and jazz. She con­tin­ued her edu­ca­tion and attend­ed the Uni­ver­si­ty of Puer­to Rico. As a young col­lege stu­dent, she launched her pro­fes­sion­al career in tele­vi­sion as a mod­el and dancer. She con­tin­ued her voice and danc­ing lessons and after a care­ful prepa­ra­tion, was launched as a “vedette”, a term used in Europe to define a mul­ti-tal­ent­ed per­former. She was the first His­pan­ic enter­tain­er to ever appear on the front page of the well-known news­pa­per “The Wall Street Jour­nal”. With her own tele­vi­sion show, The Iris Chacón Show, she con­quered not only her native Puer­to Rico tele­vi­sion audi­ence, but the top rat­ings dur­ing prime time tele­vi­sion for over fif­teen years in such mar­kets as New York, Mia­mi and Chicago.

Amalie Oil commercial

In 1982, AMCAR, Inc. hired her for a tele­vi­sion com­mer­cial about Amalie Oil’s auto­mo­bile coolant prod­ucts, which became one of the most famous tele­vi­sion com­mer­cials in Puer­to Rico’s his­to­ry. The pub­lic­i­ty sur­round­ing the com­mer­cial land­ed her in a front page arti­cle in The Wall Street Jour­nal in June 1983 enti­tled A One­time Choir­girl Rules as Sex God­dess On Puer­to Rican TV. The ad employed a play on words between the Eng­lish word coolant and Span­ish culon which means large derrière.

Mid-1980s to present

From 1984 through the ear­ly 1990s, Iris Chacón appeared on such Amer­i­can TV shows as “Amer­i­ca Onstage”, “The Merv Grif­fin Show”, “Ger­al­do Rivera Show, and “David Let­ter­man”.” Let­ter­man described her as the Dol­ly Par­ton and Loni Ander­son of Puer­to Rico and joked about propos­ing to her. Merv Grif­fin said of her that “she was the answer to ‘Where’s the beef?’ ”, a ref­er­ence to the Wendy’s com­mer­cial of that time peri­od. How­ev­er, by 1984, Chacón reached her peak, and not being able to reach an “Anglo” mar­ket, end­ed her show in Puer­to Rico by mid-1985 at the age of 35. Her show aired in syn­di­ca­tion until the end of the 1980s.

Her singing tal­ent as well as very pecu­liar style, gave her two “Gold Record Awards” out of her eight LP’s “La Chacón”, as her fans call her, was the first Latin act ever pre­sent­ed in the famous “Radio City Music Hall” in New York, with sold-out per­for­mances for three years in a row. She has also per­formed at such venues as Madi­son Square Gar­den in New York and the Resorts Inter­na­tion­al Hotel in Atlantic City. Through­out her careers she has been invit­ed to many main­stream Aner­i­can talk shows such as the David Let­ter­man Show, The Merv Grif­fin Show and ‘Ger­al­do’ (qv. She has also been the issue for many arti­cles in impor­tant pub­li­ca­tions like The Dai­ly News, The Face, Inter­view, and cov­er arti­cles for GQ, Cos­mopoli­tan, The Vil­lage Voice, The New York Times, Lati­na Mag­a­zine and Peo­ple en Español, among others.

Since 1998 she has host­ed her own radio pro­gram, “Iris Chacón Live”, in Orlan­do, Flori­da, a pro­gram geared towards beau­ty, health, fit­ness and nutri­tion. As a pub­lic speak­er on fit­ness and nutri­tion, Iris has trav­eled all over the states and Latin Amer­i­ca. She fin­ished her third sea­son with Gul­lah Gul­lah Island , a chil­dren tele­vi­sion series on the Nick­elodeon tele­vi­sion net­work.. Being involved with sev­er­al non-prof­it orga­ni­za­tions, Iris trav­els exten­sive­ly sup­port­ing char­i­ta­ble events.

Recent­ly, she starred a ten episode mini-series in Puer­to Rico La Señori­ta Ana, a musi­cal dra­ma where she por­trays a rich per­former, retired after her hus­band’s sud­den death, and now founder of a spe­cial school of arts and music.Chacón starred in a few motion pic­tures such as ‘What is This Man Doing in Your Bed Eva’ and “East Side Sto­ry”. Some of her tele­vi­sion pro­gram footage was fea­tured in the film ‘Des­per­ate­ly Seek­ing Susan’, star­ring Madonna.

Out­side of the U.S., Cha­con appeared on var­i­ous Span­ish-lan­guage pro­grams, includ­ing Anabel, Siem­pre en Domin­go, Mala Noche No, and Al Rit­mo de la Noche which were all Tele­visa productions.