250px-IslacardonaLight­house paint­ed white; lantern is black. Orig­i­nal 6th order Sauti­er, Lemonier & Cie. Fres­nel lens is on dis­play in the Coast Guard Muse­um in San Juan. Marinas.com has aer­i­al pho­tos, Colón-Sepúlve­da has a his­toric pho­to and an aer­i­al pho­to of the island and light­house, the Coast Guard also has a his­toric pho­to, and Google has a satel­lite view. Mari-Mutt writes that salt spray has severe­ly cor­rod­ed the lantern and the light­house is prob­a­bly in need of a com­plete restora­tion. Locat­ed on the high­est point of a small island about 1.2 miles south­east of Ponce, mark­ing the entrance to Ponce harbor.

The Ponce or Car­dona Island light­house entered ser­vice on August 15, 1889. It was designed by Manuel Maese, amend­ed by Rafael Rave­na and built by the gov­ern­ment itself, on this six-acre island locat­ed two kilo­me­ters south of Ponce. This light­house was not includ­ed in the island’s orig­i­nal illu­mi­na­tion plan but was added due to the pres­sure of the Playa de Ponce busi­ness­men, who in 1880 paid for the instal­la­tion of a prim­i­tive light­house on the Port Author­i­ty building.

The ini­tia­tive was quick­ly reject­ed by the cen­tral gov­ern­ment, which ordered the light seized and oper­at­ed by an aux­il­iary keep­er until an ade­quate light­house could be con­struct­ed. The Ponce port and Car­dona were con­sid­ered as pos­si­ble loca­tions and Car­dona was cho­sen main­ly because it was one of the obsta­cles to nav­i­ga­tion in the area. The build­ing mea­sures 48 feet long by 27 feet wide and resem­bles super­fi­cial­ly the Arroyo and the two Vieques light­hous­es, but is small­er, has a dif­fer­ent dis­tri­b­u­tion of spaces, and its 32-feet tow­er is cylin­dri­cal and con­nects to the rear face of the building.

The struc­ture was orig­i­nal­ly paint­ed light blue with white details and black base­board. The sixth-order lens pro­ject­ed its light eight miles away and was used at least until 1978. Today it is housed in the Coast Guard muse­um in San Juan, its base bears the inscrip­tion Sauti­er, Lemonier & Cie Paris 1888. The light­house was closed around 1950 and auto­mat­ed in 1962, it cur­rent­ly oper­ates with a lantern fed by solar pan­els. Although its exter­nal con­di­tion is good, salt spray has severe­ly cor­rod­ed the lantern and humid­i­ty may have dam­aged the inte­ri­or of the struc­ture, which is com­plete­ly sur­round­ed by vegetation.