250px-Isla_de_Cabra_lighthouse_1946The Cei­ba light­house entered ser­vice in 1908. It was designed fol­low­ing the style used for the San Juan light­house (El Mor­ro), and con­struct­ed on Cabras Island, the east­ern tip of Puer­to Rico, oppo­site Vieques Island. The estab­lish­ment of a light­house at this loca­tion was includ­ed in the first mar­itime illu­mi­na­tion plan (1869) but was dis­card­ed lat­er. The build­ing was con­struct­ed of gray stone, with white trim, and had a sixth-order lens. It had one room on each floor and was occu­pied by a keep­er until 1931, when an acety­lene torch was installed. The build­ing was closed and board­ed in 1937. In 1965 an auto­mat­ic light was installed on a tow­er near­by and a year lat­er the light­house was demolished.