Miguel Ángel Cot­to Vázquez (born Octo­ber 29, 1980) is a Puer­to Rican pro­fes­sion­al box­er and the reign­ing WBA (Super) light mid­dleweight cham­pi­on. He is the younger broth­er of con­tender Jose Miguel Cot­to and cousin of Abn­er Cot­to. He is a four-time world cham­pi­on in three weight divi­sions (light wel­ter­weight, wel­ter­weight, & light middleweight).

Professional career

Light Wel­ter­weight

On Sep­tem­ber 11, 2004, Cot­to faced Kel­son Pin­to from Brazil, for the vacant WBO Light Wel­ter­weight title. This rep­re­sent­ed the third fight between them, with Pin­to being vic­to­ri­ous in their two pre­vi­ous encoun­ters, both of which took place while they were still ama­teurs. Many fight fans feel this was due to the train­ing from Edward Bemis in Puer­to Rico. The fight was tele­vised by HBO from San Juan, Puer­to Rico. Dur­ing this card, Cot­to uti­lized a defen­sive stance with his hands in a high posi­tion instead of his usu­al aggres­sive ortho­dox stance. Over the course of the fight Cot­to scored three knock­downs and won the fight by knock­out in the sixth round.

On Decem­ber 11, 2004, he suc­cess­ful­ly defend­ed his title, beat­ing for­mer world cham­pi­on Ran­dall Bai­ley by knock­out in the sixth round, as part of the Vitali Klitschko-Dan­ny Williams under­card in Las Vegas. Cot­to’s per­for­mance was described as a result of hand speed and accu­ra­cy. Dur­ing the fight, Bai­ley received punch­es in his face that opened cuts over and under both of his eyes. As a result of the cuts, Bai­ley was exam­ined by the ring­side physi­cian. Fol­low­ing this, Bai­ley expressed that he did not want to con­tin­ue and the ref­er­ee stopped the fight at 1:39 of the sixth round. Eleven days lat­er, on Decem­ber 22, 2004, the Puer­to Rican box­ing com­mis­sion named Cot­to as Puer­to Rico’s fight­er of the year for 2004. Cot­to’s sec­ond title defense took place on Feb­ru­ary 26, 2005 in the Rubén Rodríguez in Bayamón, Puer­to Rico against Demar­cus Cor­ley. Dur­ing the fight, Cot­to prac­ticed a box­ing style that was more aggres­sive than usu­al, trad­ing hits with Cor­ley over the course of the first round. Dur­ing the fight, both box­ers were deduct­ed one point fol­low­ing ille­gal low blows. Cot­to scored three knock­downs before the fight was stopped by the ref­er­ee at 2:45 of the fifth round fol­low­ing a com­bi­na­tion by Miguel. Cor­ley claimed that the ref­er­ee stopped the fight pre­ma­ture­ly, stat­ing “the ref just stopped the fight pre­ma­ture. If he want­ed to stop the fight, he could have stopped it when I had [Cot­to] hurt.” Just a few days after retain­ing the crown ver­sus Cor­ley, Cot­to received a per­son­al blow when his sta­ble­mate and friend, for­mer 2004 Olympian Joseph Ser­ra­no, was shot in the head upon leav­ing the Bairoa gym. Ser­ra­no sur­vived the shot, but was in crit­i­cal yet sta­ble con­di­tion at a local hospital.

On June 11, 2005, Cot­to faced for­mer Olympic gold medal­ist Mohamed Abdu­laev from Uzbek­istan. As ama­teurs, Abdu­laev elim­i­nat­ed Cot­to from the first round of the 2000 Syd­ney Olympics. This time they met as pro­fes­sion­als in New York City’s Madi­son Square Gar­den. Before the begin­ning of the fight, Cot­to received a pos­i­tive ova­tion from the pub­lic. Dur­ing the first round, Miguel went on the offen­sive, scor­ing hits on Abdul­laev’s head and body while he was in a defen­sive stance. In the fourth round, a left hook by Miguel hurt Abdul­laev, who pro­ceed­ed to focus his hits on Cot­to’s body. Abdul­laev’s offense was effec­tive in the sixth and sev­enth rounds and as a result of this, Cot­to assumed a defen­sive stance. Fol­low­ing the eighth round, Abdul­laev’s eye was swollen to the point of being almost entire­ly closed. In the ninth round, fol­low­ing accu­rate punch­es by Cot­to, the fight­’s ref­er­ee paused the fight and asked the ring­side doc­tor to exam­ine Abdul­laev’s eye. After being exam­ined by the doc­tor, Abdul­laev indi­cat­ed to the ref­er­ee that he could not con­tin­ue and Cot­to retained the Light Wel­ter­weight Championship.

Miguel’s third cham­pi­onship defense took place on Sep­tem­ber 24, 2005 at Board­walk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jer­sey, against Ricar­do Tor­res of Colom­bia. In the first round, Cot­to had an offen­sive advan­tage and scored a knock­down on Tor­res. In the sec­ond round, after trad­ing hits, Tor­res scored a knock­down on Miguel. The last sec­onds of the round were even­ly matched with both box­ers fin­ish­ing the round injured. Cot­to was appar­ent­ly in bet­ter con­di­tion when the third round began and was dom­i­nat­ing the fight at that point. With two min­utes remain­ing in the round, one of Cot­to’s punch­es land­ed in Tor­res’ belt­line. Fol­low­ing this, Tor­res was grant­ed thir­ty sec­onds to recov­er by the ref­er­ee. Cot­to dom­i­nat­ed the fourth round and Tor­res won the fifth. Cot­to scored a knock­down and won the sixth round. At 1:24 of the sev­enth round, a left hook by Cot­to knocked Tor­res out.

On March 4, 2006, Cot­to retained his WBO title by knock­ing out Gian­lu­ca Bran­co, who had to give up dur­ing the eighth round of their bout due to a shoul­der injury. Cot­to dom­i­nat­ed the fight as a result of jab com­bi­na­tions in a card that took place in Bayamón, Puer­to Rico.

Professional boxing record

37 Wins (30 Knock­outs), 2 Loss­es, 0 Draws
R Record Oppo­nent Type Date Loca­tion
W 37–2 Mexico Anto­nio Margarito TKO 2011-12-03 United States Madi­son Square Gar­den, NY, NY
W 36–2 Nicaragua Ricar­do Mayorga TKO 2011-03-12 United States MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV
W 35–2 Israel Yuri Foreman TKO 2010-06-05 United States Yan­kee Sta­di­um, Bronx, New York
L 34–2 Philippines Man­ny Pacquiao TKO 2009-11-14 United States MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV
W 34–1 Ghana Joshua Clottey SD 2009-06-13 United States Madi­son Square Gar­den, NY, NY
W 33–1 United Kingdom Michael Jennings TKO 2009-02-21 United States Madi­son Square Gar­den, NY, NY
L 32–1 Mexico Anto­nio Margarito TKO 2008-07-26 United States MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV
W 32–0 Mexico Alfon­so Gómez RTD 2008-04-12 United States Board­walk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ
W 31–0 United States Shane Mosley UD 2007-11-10 United States Madi­son Square Gar­den, NY, NY
W 30–0 United States Zab Judah TKO 2007-06-09 United States Madi­son Square Gar­den, NY, NY
W 29–0 Germany Oktay Urkal TKO 2007-03-03 Puerto Rico Rober­to Clemente Col­i­se­um, SJ
W 28–0 Puerto Rico Car­los Quintana RTD 2006-12-02 United States Board­walk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ
W 27–0 United States Paul Malignaggi UD 2006-06-10 United States Madi­son Square Gar­den, NY, NY
W 26–0 Italy Gian­lu­ca Branco TKO 2006-03-04 Puerto Rico Col­iseo Rubén Rodríguez, Bayamón
W 25–0 Colombia Ricar­do Torres KO 2005-09-24 United States Board­walk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ
W 24–0 Uzbekistan Moham­mad Abdullaev TKO 2005-06-11 United States Madi­son Square Gar­den, NY, NY
W 23–0 United States DeMar­cus Corley TKO 2005-02-26 Puerto Rico Col­iseo Rubén Rodríguez, Bayamón
W 22–0 United States Ran­dall Bailey TKO 2004-12-11 United States Man­dalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV
W 21–0 Brazil Kel­son Pinto TKO 2004-09-11 Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot Col­i­se­um, SJ
W 20–0 Australia Love­more N’dou UD 2004-05-08 United States MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV
W 19–0 Dominican Republic Vic­to­ri­ano Sosa TKO 2004-02-28 United States MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV
W 18–0 Colombia Car­los Maussa TKO 2003-12-06 Puerto Rico Col­iseo Rubén Rodríguez, Bayamón
W 17–0 Panama Demetrio Ceballos TKO 2003-09-13 United States MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV
W 16–0 Mexico Rocky Martinez KO 2003-06-28 Puerto Rico Col­iseo Rubén Rodríguez, Bayamón
W 15–0 United States Joel Perez KO 2003-04-19 United States Sel­l­and Are­na, Fres­no, CA
W 14–0 Mexico Cesar Bazan TKO 2003-02-01 United States Man­dalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV
W 13–0 Mexico Ubal­do Hernandez KO 2002-11-22 Puerto Rico Col­iseo Héc­tor Solá Bezares, Caguas
W 12–0 United States John Brown UD 2002-09-14 United States Man­dalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV
W 11–0 Mexico Car­los Alber­to Ramirez KO 2002-07-30 United States Lucky Star Casi­no, Con­cho, OK
W 10–0 Uganda Justin Juuko TKO 2002-06-22 United States MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV
W 9–0 Mexico Juan Angel Macias TKO 2002-05-03 United States Orleans Hotel & Casi­no, LV, NV
W 8–0 United States Sam­my Sparkman TKO 2002-03-01 Puerto Rico Col­iseo Guiller­mo Angu­lo, Carolina
W 7–0 United States Joshua Smith TKO 2002-01-11 Puerto Rico Col­iseo Héc­tor Solá Bezares, Caguas
W 6–0 Mexico Arturo Rodriguez KO 2001-07-28 United States Sta­ples Cen­ter, LA, CA
W 5–0 United States Rudol­fo Lunsford TKO 2001-07-01 Puerto Rico Pier 10 Are­na, San Juan, PR
W 4–0 Mexico Mar­tin Ramirez UD 2001-05-20 Puerto Rico San Juan, PR
W 3–0 United States Wak­li­mi Young UD 2001-04-28 United States Ham­mer­stein Ball­room, NY, NY
W 2–0 United States Jacob Godinez TKO 2001-03-30 United States Con­ven­tion Cen­ter, Fort Worth, TX
W 1–0 United States Jason Doucet TKO 2001-02-23 United States Frank Erwin Cen­ter, Austin, TX