Jíbaro is a term com­mon­ly used in Puer­to Rico to refer to moun­tain-dwelling peas­ants, but in mod­ern times it has gained a broad­er and, specif­i­cal­ly, a nobler, cul­tur­al mean­ing. In Puer­to Rico, the Jíbaro cul­ture has its ori­gins in the Native Taino cul­ture and the term Jíbaro usu­al­ly refers to “La Gente de la Mon­tañas” (the peo­ple of the inte­ri­or moun­tain­ous regions of Puer­to Rico) and emerged in the 16th cen­tu­ry with the blend­ing of the Pre-Columbian Native Taino and Span­ish Euro­pean cul­tures in the cen­tral moun­tains of the island of Puer­to Rico.