By Murat Tanyel | TrekEarth
Today, we are stay­ing at San Cristóbal. Tak­ing a few steps for­ward in yes­ter­day’s pho­to and turn­ing left would bring us to this court­yard where an open air chapel ded­i­cat­ed to San­ta Bár­bara, the patron saint of San Cristóbal, is locat­ed. San­ta Bár­bara was an ear­ly Chris­t­ian saint of the 3rd cen­tu­ry A.D. from Asia Minor. She is the patron saint of any per­son in dan­ger of fire or explo­sion. Can­noneers prayed for her inter­ces­sion before work­ing with dan­ger­ous big guns.

In the fore­ground, you can see my two com­pan­ions Mighty Mini (yel­low) and Sur­pris­ing Sko­da (white with red and blue stripes) pay­ing homage to San­ta Bár­bara. Mighty Mini is the name I gave to my Hot­wheels ren­di­tion of a souped-up 60s Mini Coop­er (2000 First Edi­tions #30). Sur­pris­ing Sko­da is the Match­box ver­sion of a Sko­da 130 LR (from the 1–75 line­up of 1987). Back in 2009, I was an avid col­lec­tor of these ~ 164 scale mod­el cars and these two were my trav­el­ling com­pan­ions. They lived in my cam­era bag and I would take their pho­tos on each trip I went.