By Murat Tanyel | TrekEarth
Today, we are staying at San Cristóbal. Taking a few steps forward in yesterday’s photo and turning left would bring us to this courtyard where an open air chapel dedicated to Santa Bárbara, the patron saint of San Cristóbal, is located. Santa Bárbara was an early Christian saint of the 3rd century A.D. from Asia Minor. She is the patron saint of any person in danger of fire or explosion. Cannoneers prayed for her intercession before working with dangerous big guns.

In the foreground, you can see my two companions Mighty Mini (yellow) and Surprising Skoda (white with red and blue stripes) paying homage to Santa Bárbara. Mighty Mini is the name I gave to my Hotwheels rendition of a souped-up 60s Mini Cooper (2000 First Editions #30). Surprising Skoda is the Matchbox version of a Skoda 130 LR (from the 1-75 lineup of 1987). Back in 2009, I was an avid collector of these ~ 1/64 scale model cars and these two were my travelling companions. They lived in my camera bag and I would take their photos on each trip I went.