Video from Philadelphia’s Puer­to Rican Day parade over the week­end shows a uni­formed cop punch­ing a woman in the face.  The blow leaves the woman’s mouth bloody. The offi­cer — iden­ti­fied as Lt. Jonathan Josey — then hand­cuffs her and anoth­er cop leads her away.     Philadel­phia Police Inter­nal Affairs is inves­ti­gat­ing, accord­ing to WCAU-TV. The clip shows a group of cops gath­ered on North 5th St. Sun­day after­noon, appar­ent­ly hand­cuff­ing a man pressed up against a car.  Some­one in the crowd flings water from a bot­tle at them, and Josey turns around in the direc­tion it came from.  He heads toward the uniden­ti­fied woman, fol­lowed by a few oth­er cops, and decks her, knock­ing her to the street.

The video was uploaded Sun­day night, short­ly after the inci­dent, and already has near­ly 4,000 views.   Police said the woman was cit­ed for spray­ing sil­ly string at the offi­cers, WCAU report­ed — though it’s not seen in the brief video.  Josey, a 19-year vet­er­an of the Philly PD, shot and killed a man who was rob­bing a 7–11 at gun­point in 2010.   In that case, a judge ruled that he was jus­ti­fied in using dead­ly force.