History of Puerto Rico: A Panorama of Its People

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One of Puer­to Rico’s lead­ing his­to­ri­ans, Fer­nan­do Pico has had tremen­dous influ­ence over our cur­rect under­stand­ing of Puer­to Rican soci­ety. Here, he exam­ines the ways in which devel­op­ments in the courts and com­mer­cial cen­ters of the Amer­i­c­as, Europe, and Africa have affect­ed the com­mon peo­ple, who have tried since the nine­teenth cen­tu­ry to take con­trol of their polit­i­cal, social and eco­nom­ic lives. Pico expands his book, “His­to­ria Gen­er­al,” for this first updat­ed Amer­i­can edi­tion to include move­ments and events as recent as the fight for Vieques.
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