Puerto Ricans: Born In The U.S.A.





Dr. Rodriguez offers a broad por­trait of one of the largest and most eco­nom­i­cal­ly dis­ad­van­taged seg­ments of the His­pan­ic-Amer­i­can pop­u­la­tion: Puer­to Ricans liv­ing in the con­ti­nen­tal Unit­ed States. This time­ly study looks at the unique posi­tion of Puer­to Ricans on the mainland?as Span­ish-speak­ing U.S. citizens?and its impact on their dai­ly lives and future aspi­ra­tions. Pro­fes­sor Rodriguez begins by describ­ing the his­to­ry and her­itage of these ?colo­nial immi­grants.” She then assess­es their cur­rent socioe­co­nom­ic sta­tus, using both detailed empir­i­cal data and qual­i­ta­tive research find­ings. In suc­ceed­ing chap­ters, she exam­ines impli­ca­tions for Puer­to Ricans of such cru­cial issues as race, gen­der, edu­ca­tion, hous­ing, and the struc­ture of both the U.S. econ­o­my and the polit­i­cal system.
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