Speaking Phrases Boricua: A Collection of Wisdom and Sayings From Puerto Rico (Spanish Edition)





This fol­low-up to the Puer­to Rican best­seller, Speak­ing Boricua, col­lects the unique Puer­to Rican say­ings that are passed down from gen­er­a­tion to gen­er­a­tion. Whether you are look­ing to share your life’s wis­dom with Island friends, try­ing to get a chuck­le from col­leagues or just want to bet­ter under­stand Puer­to Ricans, Speak­ing Phras­es Boricua offers both Eng­lish and
Span­ish ver­sions for these wisdoms.

Hun­dreds of them are trans­lat­ed lit­er­al­ly into Eng­lish, explained and, when avail­able, paired with an Eng­lish equiv­a­lent. Here are a few samples:

  • In Eng­lish some­thing extreme­ly white may be said to be as paler as snow, in Puer­to Rican Span­ish you can say whiter than a nun’s buttcheek, or más jin­cho que nal­ga de monja.
  • La gal­li­na vie­ja da buen cal­do, or the old hen makes good broth is a form of say­ing that a wom­an’s age does not mean she has lost her touch.
  • In Eng­lish you say make a moun­tain out of a mole hill, to blow some­thing out of pro­por­tion. The Puer­to Rican equiv­a­lent is ahog­a­rse en un vaso de agua, or to drown in a glass of water.

This book includes 38 illus­tra­tions and an index of Eng­lish say­ings with Puer­to Rican equivalents. 

NOTE: This is a Bilin­gual Book (Eng­lish and Span­ish) and con­tains words that are not appro­pri­ate for kids.
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