Stories from Puerto Rico / Historias de Puerto Rico (English and Spanish Edition)





Dive into the tales of Puer­to Rico–in Span­ish and in English!

In Sto­ries from Spain/Historias de Puer­to Rico, we’ve placed the Span­ish and Eng­lish sto­ries side by side–lado a lado–so you can prac­tice and improve your read­ing skills in your new lan­guage while enjoy­ing the sup­port of your native lan­guage. This way, you’ll avoid the incon­ve­nience of con­stant­ly hav­ing to look up unfa­mil­iar words and expres­sions in a dic­tio­nary. Read as much as you can under­stand, and then look to the fac­ing page for help. As you read, you can check your com­pre­hen­sion by com­par­ing the two ver­sions of the sto­ry. You’ll also find a bilin­gual vocab­u­lary list at the end of the book, so you’ll have a handy ref­er­ence for new words.

Sto­ries from Spain/Historias de Puer­to Rico allows you to explore the island’s rich his­to­ry. It includes 18 well-known Puer­to Rican leg­ends that stretch from the dawn of cre­ation to the twen­ti­eth cen­tu­ry. These tales will intro­duce you to an array of char­ac­ters as dynam­ic and col­or­ful as the coun­try that gave birth to them. Ani­mals, indige­nous peo­ples, con­quis­ta­dors, spir­i­tu­al beings, and extrater­res­tri­als are among those who will make these pages come alive for you! As you read these sto­ries side by side, you will be not only fine-tun­ing your lan­guage skills but also gain­ing insight into the rich cul­tur­al her­itage of the Puer­to Rican people.

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