I want to talk to you about Puer­to Rican Food Recipes. A sub­ject near and dear to my heart. Grow­ing up my mom and my grand­moth­er pro­vid­ed us with the dai­ly food my fam­i­ly ate. Some­times when you are accus­tomed to some­thing you take it for grant­ed. How­ev­er, the first time I spent an extend­ed time away from Puer­to Rico I real­ized my home cook­ing was special.

If you are in a Puer­to Rican restau­rant or vis­it­ing Puer­to Rico be sure to try some of these dishes:

1. Asopao de Pol­lo — A hearty chick­en soup with rice. There are oth­er vari­a­tions like the one with shrimp or pigeon peas but for my mon­ey, the chick­en is the one.

2. Mofon­go rel­leno de camarones — This is a Meshed plan­tain dish that is usu­al­ly a side dish but if you find the one stuffed with shrimp or seafood count your­self a lucky person.

3. Arroz con Pol­lo — Rice and chick­en a Puer­to Rican food recipe classic.

4. Carne Fri­ta — Fried pork chunks. If you find a place that also adds some wilt­ed onion on top this is a great find.

5. Chichar­rones de Pol­lo — Deep fried chick­en chunks, a tasty treat that can be eat­en on its own as an appe­tiz­er or with rice and beans as a meal.

6. Pesca­do entero al Mojo Isleño — Whole fish with a toma­to onion sauce. If you are in a coastal town in Puer­to Rico and they have this on the menu you will be very hap­py you know about this great dish.

7. Tem­bleque — This is a treat it is like a light coconut cus­tard that shakes like Jell‑O. Hence the name tem­bleque, which can be loose­ly trans­lat­ed as jiggling.

8. Arroz con Dulce — Can­died rice, anoth­er treat very com­mon around Christ­mas but some­times avail­able the rest f the year.

So the next time you are in a Puer­to Rican restau­rant or home and you have the chance to taste any of these great Puer­to Rican food recipes count your­self lucky and enjoy the meal.


Source by Hugo Felix