Caribbean Islands have a rich and fla­vor­ful dish­es. And Puer­to Rico is one of the best places for vaca­tion. The island offers a superb relax­ation adven­tures with sooth­ing beach, com­fort­able and lux­u­ri­ous hotels, col­or­ful fes­ti­vals, and most espe­cial­ly the mouth-water­ing cuisines of Puer­to Rico.

Yes, part of the few rea­sons as to why peo­ple vis­it­ed the place, it is because of food. Puer­to Rican recipes pro­vide a dif­fer­ent style and flavor.These cuisines become famous not in only with­in the Caribbean island but also glob­al­ly. Chefs are inter­est­ed to learn tra­di­tion­al dish­es because of its extra­or­di­nary taste. Puer­to Rican tra­di­tion­al dish­es are the following:

1. Asopao is one of the famous tra­di­tion­al Puer­to Rican dish. It is usu­al­ly eat­en along with rice chick­en, pork, beef, seafood, and vegetables.

2. Arróz con Pol­lo (rice with chick­en and chick­en rice soups)a tra­di­tion­al recipes that uses olive oil, rather than achiote, or annat­to seed oil.

3. Arroz con Habichue­las (rice & beans) usu­al­ly con­sists of white rice accom­pa­nied by dry beans, and can be served as a side dish with meat or by itself.

4. Lechón asa­do or whole roast­ed pig, is a pop­u­lar dish for large gath­er­ings. From the word “roast­ed”, this dish is roast­ed with a coat­ed red liq­uid which is applied on the pig body to add col­or. This is usu­al­ly served dur­ing wed­dings, hol­i­day sea­sons and oth­er spe­cial fam­i­ly events.

5. Chule­tas (pork chops) are juicy pork chops that can be grilled or deep-fried.

Mofon­go (mashed plan­tains) is a type of food that can be usu­al­ly served as a side dish accom­pa­nied with beans and rice.

6. Chil­lo (red snap­per) is a fried fish dish which is sea­soned with herbs and spices. It becomes one of the tasti­est and most pop­u­lar foods on the island.

7. Arroz con Gan­d­ules is the Puer­to Rico’s nationa dish. It is a rice with pigeon peas with an addi­tion­al fla­vor of gar­lic and green onions.

8. Bacalaí­tos Fritos (deep-fried salt-cod­fish frit­ters) act as anap­pe­tiz­er in Puer­to Rican recipes which are very pop­u­lar all through­out the island of Puer­to Rico.

9. Alca­purrias (banana and taro root cro­quettes stuffed with meat) are scrump­tious typ­i­cal snacks.

10. Chuchifritos are essen­tial­ly fried pork skins, one of the pop­u­lar quick snacks on the island. It is regard­ed as the “soul food” of Puer­to Rico.

Of course, in order to com­plete the nutri­tious cycle of eat­ing a healthy lifestyle. Dessert is added on every Puer­to Rican meal. Most of their desserts are in a form of cus­tard (sweet pota­to balls with coconut, cloves and cin­na­mon. Con­sid­er­ing the trop­i­cal cli­mates, the island has an abun­dant local fruits. With this, local res­i­dents and chefs cre­ate a dessert using trop­i­cal fruits such as banana cup­cakes, fruit cock­tails, coconut flan, gua­va jel­lies, can­died coconut rice, and oth­ers. But the most famous tra­di­tion­al desserts in Puer­to Rico are:

1. Guave jel­ly with Que­so Blan­co (white cheese).

2. Flan (cus­tard)

3. Budín de Pan (bread pudding)

4. Bien­mesabe

5. Bra­zo Gitano

6. Buñue­los de viento

7. Bar­ri­gu­i­tas de Vieja

8. Natil­la

9. Tem­bleque (coconut pudding)

10. Biz­co­cho de Ron (rum cake)

11. Man­teca­di­tos

12. Tur­rón de Ajónjolí

13. Tar­ta de Guaya­ba (Gua­va Tart)

14. Tor­ti­tas de Cal­abaza (Pump­kin Tart)

If you want to vis­it the island, foods are indeed invig­o­rat­ing. Hav­ing such recipes reflects only Puer­to Rican’s cre­ativ­i­ty and culture.


Source by Myla John­son