10 oz. olives w/pimento

2 oz. capers

8 oz. can toma­to sauce

Sazon goya (2 in pkg.)

Whole chick­en, cut up

3 cups of rice (not instant)

1 med. onion

1 med. pepper

1 med. tomato

Gar­lic powder

Crisco oil

1 c. flour

Fry chick­en dipped in flour in Crisco. Pour out excess grease. In the same pan fry pep­per, onion and toma­to. Add 8 ounce can toma­to sauce and stir until bot­tom all of the toma­to sauce is mixed in; add rice, stir. Add sazon (2 pkg) and stir. Next add olive, pimen­to- capers and stir. Exclud­ing the 8 ounces of toma­to sauce add 5 cups of water to saucepan. Let rice mix­ture come to a boil. Place chick­en on top and cook for 20 min­utes on low simmer.