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Gay pop singer Ricky Mar­tin, who hails from Puer­to Rico, was grant­ed Span­ish cit­i­zen­ship today, accord­ing to El Pais.He had request­ed a spe­cial “let­ter of nat­u­ral­iza­tion” of the Span­ish government—which would enable him to bypass the usu­al steps to citizenship—in order to take advan­tage of the country’s same-sex mar­riage laws and mar­ry boyfriend Car­los Gon­za­lez Abel­la. The two are rais­ing twin 3‑year-olds.

“Yes, we could go to Spain and get mar­ried,” Mar­tin told Lar­ry King in 2010. “We can go to Argenti­na and get mar­ried. But why do we have to go some­where else? Why can’t I do it in my coun­try where the laws are, you know, pro­tect­ing me?”

We expect our wed­ding invi­ta­tion any day now.