New York City march across Brooklyn Bridge, July 30 Photo: Edward Pages

New York City march across Brook­lyn Bridge, July 30
Pho­to: Edward Pages

In a move that sig­nals a cor­ro­sion of the civ­il rights many have fought so hard to secure over the past fifty years, Ari­zona gov­er­nor Jan Brew­er signed into law SB 1070, com­pelling local law enforce­ment to ques­tion the immi­gra­tion sta­tus of any­one they sus­pect is undoc­u­ment­ed. Lati­nos, who are the tar­get of anti-immi­gra­tion efforts in this coun­try, are cer­tain to con­tend with racial pro­fil­ing, since even ordi­nary cit­i­zens in Ari­zona can be sub­ject to arrest if police “sus­pect” they are with­out documentation.

This new law raises frightening questions for Latinos in the US:

  • Will Lati­nos be required to car­ry their doc­u­men­ta­tion even when they walk their chil­dren to school?
  • Will Lati­nos born in the U.S. be forced to car­ry their birth cer­tifi­cates to avoid being hauled off to jail?
  • How soon before oth­er bor­der com­mu­ni­ties fol­low Arizona’s lead?

Lati­no­Jus­tice PRLDEF will not stand by and let Lati­nos become the vic­tims of these tac­tics. Respond­ing to the out­rage of Lati­nos through­out the coun­try, we are cur­rent­ly prepar­ing an ami­cus curi­ae brief on behalf of a num­ber of Lati­no advo­ca­cy and civ­il rights organizations.

We’ve fought this bat­tle before – in River­side, New Jer­sey, a restric­tive immi­gra­tion ordi­nance penal­ized any­one who employed or rent­ed to an undoc­u­ment­ed immi­grant. We filed a law­suit against the city forc­ing them to with­draw the ordi­nance. In Hazle­ton, PA we stopped the city from deploy­ing an anti-immi­gra­tion ordi­nance that cer­tain­ly would have led to the same racial pro­fil­ing we fear in Arizona.

Help us stop the State of Arizona’s bla­tant attempt to ignore fed­er­al author­i­ty over mat­ters of immi­gra­tion and vio­late the civ­il rights of