City of Old San Juan

Puer­to Rico is a great place to vis­it; it is full of his­to­ry and sun­shine and while there are those that come on vaca­tion here every year learn­ing more about the place, they nev­er hear about the rather fun and quirky facts of Puer­to Rico.

Did you know that Puer­to Rico has more famous fast food restau­rants than near­ly any oth­er place in the world per square mile? The only coun­try that beats us is Chi­na; you name one of the world’s most famous fast food restau­rants and we’re bound to have it, mean­ing that every­one’s tastes are catered for!

Those that like to take a look at the sen­try box­es that are built into the El Mor­ro and San Crito­bal fortress­es may not know all about their his­to­ry. These sen­try box­es were nick­named ‘La Gari­ta del Dablio’ which means ‘The sen­try box of the dev­il’ because it is report­ed that some of the Span­ish sol­diers that would guard the entrance to the har­bor at night would sim­ply van­ish mak­ing peo­ple think some­thing rather sin­is­ter was going on; when in actu­al fact the sol­diers had mere­ly been meet­ing local girls and decid­ed to run off with them!

If you’re a bit of a sci­ence-fic­tion and alien fan then you may be intrigued to know that in Puer­to Rico stands the only rain for­est that ‘belongs’ to the Unit­ed States, ‘El Yunque’ hous­es a secret mil­i­tary base in the for­est and no-one is allowed in. Known as the ‘Area 51’ of the Caribbean this base is sur­round­ed by armed guards that threat­en to shoot those that ven­ture too close. This part of the world is well-known for its UFO activ­i­ty and it’s report­ed that some sort of rep­til­ian-like crea­ture known as the Chu­pacabra­has been spot­ted time and again in the for­est that sur­rounds the base.

For some­thing a lit­tle less scary and quite a bit more relax­ing is the sub­ject of rum; Puer­to Rico is known as the rum cap­i­tal of the world because it pro­duces more than one hun­dred thou­sand tons of it every sin­gle year and San Juan is home to the world’s largest rum dis­tillery. The rum is so good because each step in the rum mak­ing process is mon­i­tored and gov­erned by law, ensur­ing that only the best rum is pro­duced. You can have the plea­sure of tak­ing a tour around the fac­to­ry and sam­pling the rum itself, lovely!

Enjoy your stay in this his­tor­i­cal and rather unique part of the world; make sure you take a look at the Puer­to Rico hotels that you think will suit your tastes and book a room as soon as you can.


Source by Sabih Javed