The art of the Tain­os is the Rock Art or Pet­ro­glyphs and abstract motifs. They were made by engrav­ing into the walls of caves, large rocks and the stones that made up the fences of the bateyes. The art rep­re­sent­ed the Tain­os cul­ture and the pic­tures also rep­re­sent­ed what the Tain­os respect­ed the most; the ele­ments of nature and also the mag­i­cal forces of nature. Some of the Tain­os arti­facts were used in cer­e­monies. An idol called a “Zemi”, was used in mag­i­cal rit­u­als to rep­re­sent the pow­ers of nature. Their mag­ic and reli­gious view of the world was a major fac­tor in the type of arti­facts which they pro­duced. The Tain­os believed that the arti­facts they cre­at­ed would help them con­trol the forces of nature.