I want to share with you a clas­sic Puer­to Rican desert recipe. This one is a treat, it is light coconut cus­tard that shakes like Jell‑O. That is why it’s called tem­bleque, which can be loose­ly trans­lat­ed as jig­gling. Here is the recipe:

o 2 cups of coconut milk

o ½ cup of cornstarch

o ¾ cups of sugar

o ½ tea­spoon of salt

o 1 tea­spoon vanil­la flavoring

o Ground cin­na­mon (option­al)

In a saucepan, at medi­um hi, heat the coconut milk, the sug­ar and the salt. Dilute the corn­starch with some of the coconut milk and add to the saucepan. Stir con­tin­u­ous­ly until it boils then sim­mer until it thick­ens. Pour mix­ture into a mold or sin­gle serv­ing cups what­ev­er you pre­fer. Let it cool to room tem­per­a­ture before refrig­er­at­ing for at least 2 hours. Sprin­kle cin­na­mon over it before serving.

Here are some tips to watch out for on this dish. Cool the mix­ture before refrig­er­at­ing or cov­er it with a plas­tic wrap so a skin does not devel­op, much like pud­ding. In addi­tion, before serv­ing you might have to sep­a­rate the tem­bleque from the mold with a knife. While cook­ing once the mix thick­ens remove imme­di­ate­ly from the heat or you will get a tem­bleque with­out the jig­gle that is more bread pud­ding than jell‑o in consistency.

Tem­bleque is a clas­sic Puer­to Rican desert recipe that’s both easy to make and great tast­ing. For all you desert lovers be on the look­out for anoth­er great recipe I will give you very soon. Until then, keep mak­ing your great cook­ing easy.

Source by Hugo Felix