Famous Boricuas A‑B

Joseph Michael Aca­ba (his par­ents are from Hatil­lo, Puer­to Rico)

Carme­lo Antho­ny (born to a Puer­to Rican father and an African Amer­i­can mother)

La La Antho­ny (Puer­to Rican descent)

Vic­tor Argo (both of his par­ents were born in the town of Que­bradil­las, Puer­to Rico)

Yancey Arias (his moth­er is Puer­to Rican and his father is Colombian)

Wil­fred Benitez


Famous Boricuas C‑D

Jose A. Cabranes (born in Mayagüez, Puer­to Rico)

Tego Calderon (born in San­turce, Puer­to Rico)

Wilmer Calderon (born in San­turce, Puer­to Rico)

Pedro Albizu Cam­pos (born in the Ten­erías sec­tor of Bar­rio Machue­lo Aba­jo in Ponce, Puer­to Rico)

Susie Castil­lo (born to a Domini­can father and Puer­to Rican mother)

Chayanne (born in San Juan, Puer­to Rico)

Iris Chacón (born in San Juan, Puer­to Rico)

Ivonne Coll (born in Fajar­do, Puer­to Rico)

Willie Colon

Mil­lie Cor­ret­jer (born in San Juan, Puer­to Rico)

Miguel Cot­to (born in Caguas, Puer­to Rico)

Elvis Cre­spo (born inGuayn­abo, Puer­to Rico)

Juan R. Cruz (born and raised in Puer­to Rico)

Monique Gabriela Cur­nen (her is from Puer­to Rico and her father is of Ger­man and Irish descent)

Rosario Daw­son (her moth­er of Puer­to Rican and Afro-Cuban descent)


Famous Boricuas E‑F

Gigi Fer­nán­dez (born in San Juan, Puer­to Rico)

José Fer­rer (born in San Juan, Puer­to Rico)

Miguel Fer­rer (father was Puer­to Rican and moth­er was Irish and German)


Famous Boricuas G‑H

Franky G (par­ents immi­grat­ed from Puer­to Rico)

Arturo Gil (of Puer­to Rican descent; raised in Puer­to Rico)

Joyce Giraud (was born in Aguas Bue­nas, Puer­to Rico)

Dr. Janet Alvarez Gon­za­lez (born in Baya­mon, Puer­to Rico)

Jas­lene Gon­za­lez (born in Puer­to Rico)

Luis Guzmán (born in Cayey, Puer­to Rico)

Diego E. Her­nan­dez (born and raised in San Juan, Puer­to Rico)

Lil­lian Hurst (born in the Vil­la Palmera sec­tion of San Juan, Puer­to Rico)


Famous Boricuas I‑J

Vic­to­ria Jus­tice (Her father is of Eng­lish, Ger­man, and Irish descent, and her moth­er is of Puer­to Rican ancestry)


Famous Boricuas K‑L

Ger­mán Legar­reta (Born in San Juan Puero Rico)

Hec­tor Lavoe (born and raised in the Machueli­to sec­tor of Ponce, Puer­to Rico)

Adamari López ( born in Humacao, Puer­to Rico)

Gina Lynn (born in Mayaguez, Puer­to Rico)


Famous Boricuas M‑N

Nor­ma Mal­don­a­do (moth­er born in Puer­to Rico)

Bruno Mars (His father is of half Puer­to Rican and half Hun­gar­i­an and Ukrainian)

Lisa Mateo (born to Puer­to Rican parents)

Orlan­do Melen­dez (born in Ponce Puer­to Rico)

Rita Moreno (born in Humacao, Puer­to Rico) (First Boricua to win an Emmy (1977), a Gram­my (1972), an Oscar (1962) and a Tony (1975))

Jon­ny Mose­ley (born in San Juan, Puer­to Rico) (First Boricua to become a mem­ber of the U.S. Ski Team)

Ari Mey­ers (born in San Juan, Puer­to Rico)

Frankie Muniz (Puer­to Rican, Ital­ian, Irish descent)

Anto­nia Nov­el­lo (born in Fajar­do, Puer­to Rico)


Famous Boricuas O‑P

Don Omar (born and raised in Car­oli­na, Puer­to Rico)

Lana Par­ril­la (born to a Sicil­ian moth­er and a Puer­to Rican father)

Sam Par­ril­la (born in San­turce, Puer­to Rico)

Car­men Perez (raised in Puer­to Rico; of Puer­to Rican descent)

Eddie Perez (of Puer­to Rican descent)

Rosie Perez (born to Puer­to Rican parents)

Audrey Puente (of Puer­to Rican descent)

Tito Puente (of Puer­to Rican descent)


Famous Boricuas Q‑R

Denise Quiñones  (born in Ponce, Puer­to Rico)

Samuel A. Ramirez (par­ents from Puer­to Rico)

Kamar de los Reyes (Born in San Juan, Puer­to Rico. His moth­er is Puer­to Rican and his father is Cuban)

Osval­do Ríos (born in Car­oli­na, Puer­to Rico)

Ger­al­do Rivera (father was a Catholic Puer­to Rican and his moth­er is of Ashke­nazi Russ­ian Jew­ish descent)

Mychal Rivera (His father is of Puer­to Rican descent and his moth­er is of half African Amer­i­can and Ger­man descent)

Naya Rivera (is of half Puer­to Rican, quar­ter African Amer­i­can, and a quar­ter Ger­man descent)

Michelle Rodriguez (Her moth­er is Domini­can and her father is Puer­to Rican)

Vanes­sa De Roide


Famous Boricuas S‑T

Zoe Sal­dana (Her father was Domini­can and her moth­er Puer­to Rican)

Olga San Juan (par­ents are from Puer­to Rico; she was raised in Puer­to Rico)

Rose­lyn Sanchez (born in San Juan, Puer­to Rico)

Renoly San­ti­a­go (born in Lajas, Puer­to Rico)

Daniel San­tos (born in San­turce, Puer­to Rico)

Arturo Alfon­so Schom­burg (born in San­turce, Puer­to Rico)

Myr­ta Silva

Sonia Sotomay­or

Olga Tañon (born in San­turce, Puer­to Rico)

Beni­cio del Toro (born and grew up in San­turce, Puer­to Rico)

Jose “Chequi” Tor­res (born in Ponce, Puer­to Rico)

Liz Tor­res (Par­ents born in Puer­to Rico)

Rafael Tufiño


Famous Boricuas U‑W

Javier Vazquez (born in Ponce, Puer­to Rico)

Nydia Velazquez (born in Yacuboa, Puer­to Rico)


Famous Boricuas X‑Z

Dad­dy Yan­kee (born in Río Piedras, San Juan, Puer­to Rico)